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Effective Strategies on Marketing CBD Products

27/07/2020 - By Maya Zadow

These days, cannabidiol, or simply CBD, products are gaining traction for not only being effective but also being healthy. CBD oil, shampoo, best vinyl cutting machine buying guide and even food is sweeping the market by storm since the substance’s legalization in various regions around the world. 

Even though a high demand was garnered for these types of products, effective marketing remains a big deal because there are still some regulations that marketers and sellers need to follow. There are several things that marketers cannot claim about these products and there are also several approvals that a certain product must have before being sold in the market. 

That said, marketers of CBD products must know exactly how to market them without hitting any of these rules. At the same time, they must be creative enough to still be able to entice clients and differentiate themselves from other sellers.

Here are a few tips that are proven to work:

  • Avoid Paid Ads

The first thing to do is to avoid promoting CBD products in paid ads in Google or Social Media. If you promote paid CBD ads on let us say Facebook or Instagram, there is a high chance they will get taken down. You see, these platforms are strict with CBD products, so it is best to avoid them. You may also want to avoid Google AdWords’ or Paid Google Ads since they may also take your ad down. 

  • Create Good Content with Good SEO

Since you cannot go on to the paid ads section of the internet, the next best thing you can do is gain organic followers. And the best way to do that is to create great content with substance. Informative articles and blogs will do well with this kind of product since people are always trying to know more about CBD. Being a rather new product in the market, it is normal for potential customers to want to find more information about it. 

Aside from good content, you also need good SEO. With good SEO, you can organically reach out to people who may be looking for more information on CBD. From there, you can start promoting your product via CTA. 

  • Use Social Media to Generate Organic Content

When you have already created your informative content, you can share it in your Facebook page. Your Facebook page can target informing people about CBD and sharing your products at the same time. There are a few CBD advocates giving you a fresh ground to get a big community. If your products are good, you are sure to get a lot of followers which will turn to customers. 

  • Go to Trade Shows

Lastly, try to attend those CBD trade shows. That way, you can get easily converted customers. You just need to make sure you have your product and advertisements ready. Just like working with vinyl, you need to make your own advertisement. 


With the CBD market being one of the freshest markets worldwide, you have a big opportunity to take advantage of. You just need to know how. These steps will help you market your product. 



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