Greene, Jones, Lenoir and Wayne County
Martha's Vineyard & Produce
Stantonsburg / Greene County
Martha's Vineyard & Produce Martha's Vineyard & Produce grows peas, tomatoes, cabbage, butter beans, cucumbers, corn and other vegetables. Four acres of Muscadine grapes give you plenty to pick for yourself in early fall. Located in Greene County just south of Stantonsburg on Hwy 58 N.

Site Location: 8096 Hwy 58 N
  Stantonsburg, NC  27883
Days/Hours: June-Oct., 8 a.m.-5 p.m., or by appointment
Fees: none
Phone: (252) 236-8626 cell (252) 236-7815 
Accommodate Groups: Yes
Bus Parking: Yes
Handicapped Accessible: Yes



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